VIDEO: Mexico Wins With Controversial PK in 124th Minute

For about 122 minutes, we had a very entertain 0-0 game between Mexico and Costa Rica in the CONCACAF Gold Cup Quarterfinals. Then the wheels all just seemed to fall apart and we got a disappointing end to what could’ve been one of the most thrilling games of the 2015 Gold Cup.

The controversial play started when Mexico’s Orribe Peralta rose up to take a shot very late in the scoreless game. Costa Rica’s Roy Miller got into him but it didn’t seem to be anything too serious. There were definitely other plays committed by both teams that were more serious that should’ve resulted in PK’s or even red cards. But, for some reason, the Assistant Referee blew his whistle and called a Penalty against Costa Rica. Take a look for yourself, it’s a big decision to be making at that point in the game.

After the goal was scored, all hell broke loose on the field, on Twitter, everywhere in the soccer world. Even former Costa Rica President Laura Chinchilla expressed her disapproval. Her tweet translates to “Embarrassing! Outrageous! Painful!”

Regardless of how we felt about the call, the call was made and Mexico had a PK. Andres Guardado took the PK and scored in the 124th minute, sealing the fates of both Mexico and Costa Rica.

In all honesty, Mexico was probably the better team and if it wasn’t for their horrific finishing, they should’ve been way ahead before it ever got to that point. But regardless of how Mexico deserved to win, they didn’t deserve to win like that. But the result was still 1-0 Mexico, Mexico did win, the team and their fans will celebrate (as they should) and they get to live another day in the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Mexico will face Panama in the Semifinal on Wednesday night in Atlanta. The winner will face either the United States or Jamaica next Sunday.

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