England PM David Cameron wants to see Gary Lineker in his underwear

Because of the unlikelihood of Leicester City’s English Premier League title win, many people made a lot of promises if Leicester City held on to win the EPL title. One now famous promise was from England legend Gary Lineker, who is from Leicester.

Earlier this season, when Leicester were shockingly top of the table, Lineker promised that if Leicester were to somehow win the EPL title, Lineker would do an episode of BBC soccer highlight show “Match of the Day” in his underwear next season. Even though Leicester was leading the league in October, nobody really expected Leicester to hold on for the entire season so that seemed like a safe bet and it bought Lineker a bit of free publicity promising something he knew wasn’t going to happen.

Then Leicester City did the impossible and won the EPL so now Lineker has to trop trow and fulfill his promise. This has some people in England talking and most notably, the Prime Minister of England.

In a Parliament session today, Cameron talked about Lineker’s promise and noted that he “hasn’t quite answered questions” about whether or not he would actually fulfill his promise to go pantsless on TV.

Lineker responded on Twitter insinuating Cameron is a bit too eager to see a bit more skin on “Match of the Day.”

If Queen Elizabeth starts weighing in on Lineker’s promise, the Leicester story would have really peaked.

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