Fulham had players participate in their own WWE Royal Rumble during practice

So there doesn’t seem to be any video of this and quite frankly, I don’t think I want to see any video because imagining this is so much better, but Fulham apparently organized a “Royal Rumble” for players when Felix Magath managed the team in 2014. This nifty tidbit of info came about when a fan asked the Fulham Twitter account who in the squad would win in a fight.

For non professional wrestling fans, the Royal Rumble is a yearly event every January in which wrestlers come into the ring every couple minutes and are eliminated by getting thrown over the top rope and both their feet touch the floor.

How this applies here, I have no idea. I highly doubt Fulham wheeled in a wrestling ring onto the training ground. But was this a situation where the team marked off a 10×10 foot area and the players tried to push each other out of the square as some sort of physical exercise? Was this a training exercise where if you kick the ball out of the square, you’re eliminated? Either way, I have no clue what went on here and maybe, we don’t want to know.

If there’s anything to get out of this story, it’s that to not mess with Fernando Amorebieta, no matter what this was.

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