Oh You Beauty!: Goals of the Week 3/23/2015

5. Luis Suarez vs Real Madrid

The winning goal of El Clasico. The biggest reason it is on here was the wonderful assist that put Suarez through on goal. This Barcelona squad is finally clicking. It’s a terrifying prospect for anyone who has to play them.

4. Eden Hazard vs Hull

An absolute cracker of a goal. Hazard does well to round a few Hull defenders and strike the ball on net. The one thing Hazard probably needed to add to his game this season was end product and here it is. If he can consistently do this, he’ll be in the undisputed top 5 players in the world.

3. Carlos Tevez vs Genoa

Carlos Tevez is a terrier of a striker. Never gives up, buzzes around the pitch more in five minutes than some players do the whole game. This is a great example of that, as Tevez simply dashes past two Genoa defenders and smashes the ball. He almost overpowers the shot as it slams into the top post and into the goal.

2. Anass Achahbar vs PSV

This is a beaut of a goal. Anass Achahbar does so well to follow the ball in the air. It takes a great eye to predict exactly where the ball is going to fall while keeping an eye on the defenders around him. He then twists his body to meet the ball in a brilliant side volley that very few keepers in the world could stop.

1. Juan Mata vs Liverpool

Goal of the season candidate. Mata does really well to control the ball for a side volley. This goal will be considered a classic example of the “scissor kick”. Brilliant athleticism and acrobatics to put that on frame.

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