Oh You Beauty!: Goals of the Week 12/23

5. Martin Skrtel vs Arsenal

This thunderbolt of a header saved a vital point for Liverpool. Something we’ve come to expect from Martin Skrtel after last season.


4. Alexandre Lacazette vs Bordeaux

What a season Alexandre Lacazette is having. Seventeen goals in nineteen appearances so far. On a side note, how cool is the slo-mo effect the replay uses?


3. Christian Benteke vs Manchester United

The goal that put Aston Villa ahead against United this weekend, leaving many hoping that this would be the end of a great run of form for United. It wasn’t, unfortunately (or fortunately, if you’re a United fan).


2. Antoine Griezmann vs Athletic Bilbao

The first French player to get a hat trick in La Liga since Thierry Henry. The teamwork behind this goal, and the exquisite passing, are what put this goal on this list. Majestic.


1. Mateo Kovacic vs Lazio

Surely, that didn’t really happen? There must be some sort of voodoo behind that goal, because you don’t just volley a shot like that and it goes in. No, it’s supposed to sail over the net and hit some poor fan in Row Z in the face. Seriously, though, that’s the kind of goal that gets you giddy and is so far near the top of the list for goal of the season so far.

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