VIDEO: Neymar Pulls Off Double Sombrero, Later Sets Up Douglas For Game Winning Goal

Neymar had himself one heck of a game in Copa América play, as he netted Brazil’s first goal and set up Douglas Costa for the game winner in their first game against Peru.

Also, Neymar pulled off an amazing move on poor Luis Piers Advíncula flicking the ball over his head not just once, but twice. Take a look at the pure skill that Neymar possesses as he just toys with Advíncula, leaving him with no choice but to foul him.

[h/t: @FutMomento]

The talent that Neymar has was not only evident in making his opponents seem foolish, he also put this skill to good use as he was key in Brazil’s 2-1 victory against Peru. He scored the first goal in the fifth minute of the match after Peru had sucker punched Brazil with a third minute goal, thanks in part to some sloppy Brazilian defending.

After a game that seemed destined for a draw, Neymar demonstrated why he is Brazil’s best player and captain and delivered a magnificent ball, that passed by the entire Peruvian backline, to Douglas Costa for the game winning goal. Take a look at the vision that Neymar displayed by finding Douglas Costa at the other end of the box for the easy goal.

[h/t: @FutMomento]

Neymar is the definition of the Brazilian joga bonito, and is undoubtedly one of the world’s most spectacular players to watch. We can only hope that the young Brazilian will continue bless us with more fantastic displays like this in the coming games of the tournament and beyond.

In Copa América play, Brazil who managed to escape with the three points now plays Colombia, who was upset by Venezuela, on Wednesday meanwhile Peru plays Venezuela on Thursday in Group C.

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