VIDEO: No joke, Frank Lampard got nutmegged by Red Bulls Mike Grella

No, your eyes haven’t deceived you, New York Red Bulls Mike Grella nutmegged New York City FC’s Frank Lampard. After the nutmeg, the Red Bulls went on to score their second goal of the night, thanks to Felipe and won 2-0.

I don’t think you quite understand this. Mike Grella, at 28 years old, earns the league minimum of $60k a year and who had one appearance in the English Championship with Leeds United, embarrassed Frank Lampard. Lampard is a UEFA Champions League winner, UEFA Europa League winner, two time League Cup winner, four time FA Cup winner and three time EPL winner who makes $6 million a year. Lampard may be 37 years old but that’s still embarrassing.

Or maybe it’s not that embarrassing. Many people criticize MLS for not having talented players and have the belief that any big name DP can come over to “the MLS” and dominate the league. Maybe a few more of these plays will make those people take notice and realize that maybe there is some talent in MLS and guys like Frank Lampard won’t have it so easy.

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