VIDEO: This Chile Copa America Semi Winner is Worthy of a Ray Hudson Scream

The first Semifinal of the 2015 Copa America started in controversial fashion and ended on a terrific goalazo by Eduardo Vargas to get Chile the 2-1 win and advance to the Final on Saturday. Chile will face the winner of Argentina and Paraguay on Tuesday.

The goal was something brilliant and it was capped off by the great and magisterial Ray Hudson. The goal was so great that Hudson went into a classic description of this beauty.

“What a million watt, mega watt goal this is. He pulverizes the ball and then polishes it in. What a spectacular strike from distance. And this one grows eyeballs on its way to the net. Eduardo Vargas, Napoli celebrates as does Chile. Jorge Sampaoli almost jumped out of this stadium. When we look at it again. The ball comes back. Right here it snap, crackle, pop. It looks as if they won it. They don’t clear the lines, it’s held up beautifully by Guerrero. Well won again from Valdivia but what an absolute glitter bomb of a goal. Staggering accuracy, unbelievable power and I tell you, it takes a little bit of a kiss off of Juan Manuel Vargas. Vargas to Vargas and he will be in Vegas.”

You just can’t fake that kind of passion. Great goal accompanied by a great call.

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