VIDEO: West Ham GK Adrian tries to score goal, karate kicks himself into red card

Goalkeepers don’t usually come out of their goal unless it’s absolutely necessary and West Ham needed a goal to equalize against Leicester City. Adrian ran up for the free kick, inside stoppage time to try and be a hero for the Hammers. Instead… he did this.

I have to admit, I didn’t see the play live and saw the replay. At first, I thought Adrian was going to forget he was in the other box and handle the ball. What ended up was that he just flat out didn’t see Jamie Vardy right in front of him and kicked him right in the chest trying to kick the ball over his head. As a result, West Ham went down to 10 and Leicester City kept the win 2-1.

Since West Ham was out of subs and someone had to go into goal, it was a little funny to see Arsenal loanee Carl Jenkinson put on Adrian’s kit and get in the goal. Thankfully he didn’t need to take on a shot and the game ended 2-1.

Also, as of Saturday afternoon, Leicester City is still leading the EPL.

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