Southampton May Go To Court Over Alderweireld

The transfer window has just started and we’re looking at another crazy story. Southampton may be looking to take Atletico Madrid to court over the transfer of defender Toby Alderweireld. Last season, on-loan defender Alderweireld earned rave reviews in one of the stingiest defenses in the Premier League.

It has since been revealed that there was an option in the loan agreement for Southampton to make the transfer permanent for as little as £6.8m. There was also an option in the deal for Atletico to pay £1.5m to essentially cancel the deal and be able to sell Alderweireld to the highest bidder.

As of right now, it seems that both Southampton and Tottenham have had bids accepted for Alderweireld. A Spurs bid of £11.5m has been agreed between the two clubs and Alderweireld is expected in London in the next 72 hours to sign a reported £50,000/week deal.

Where the potential legal battle comes into play is the reported buy-out fee. Atletico claim to have signaled their intent to pay the cancellation fee. This would allow for the deal with Tottenham to go through. Southampton, however, dispute that the fee was paid after the cancellation clause expired, leaving Southampton with a “first option” right to the defender.

This would give Southampton the ability to sign Alderweireld without competition. Should a deal impossible between the player and the club, only then would Tottenham be able to sign Alderweireld.

The belief is that Southampton would only seek a legal option should they fail to sign Alderweireld  and the player end up at Tottenham.

There are conflicting reports on which club the defender prefers. Some reports claim that Alderweireld would prefer a move to White Hart Lane, citing his interview with the Belgian media where he stated he would enjoy linking up with international teammate Jan Vertonghen. Others state that he would be happy with either Spurs or Southampton, wanting a move to the Premier League first and foremost.

Both clubs are reportedly confident they will be able to sign the player.

This move will be one to watch. We’ll update you as we learn more.

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