Arsenal Has Impact On Both Top And Bottom Of English Premier League

Although Chelsea has secured the top spot in the English Premier League‑winning their fifth championship and first since 2009-10—there is plenty to be decided in the last three weeks of the EPL season.

Chelsea is the champion of the 2014-15 season with 83 points with three games remaining. Manchester City and Arsenal both have 70 points, but Manchester City is given the nod for their 35-to-33-goal differential. In fourth place, Manchester United rests with 65 points. Liverpool trails behind with 61 overall points and below them is Tottenham Hotspur in sixth-place with 58 points.

English Premier League tickets for Manchester United against Arsenal on May 17 at Old Trafford, Manchester, United Kingdom are starting from $270.87. Manchester United still has work to do to avoid fifth or sixth-place and miss out on a qualifying chance for the Champions League.

Tickets to Chelsea against Liverpool this weekend on May 10 at Stamford Bridge in London are starting from $209.72, according to international ticket reseller Ticketbis. It is a tense time for Liverpool as they are heading for Europa League competition and have a worst case scenario of falling out both the fifth and sixth-place spots.

Lastly, Arsenal takes on Sunderland on May 20 at Emirates Stadium in London that will have an impact in the bottom three teams that are racing to avoid relegation. Currently, Sunderland, Queens Park Rangers and Burnley hold the bottom three positions in the table. Sunderland has the best chance of escaping, chasing Hull City (34 points), Leicester City (34 points), Newcastle United (35 points) and Aston Villa (35 points). Tickets are starting from $143.28 for the match.

The impact of relegation is more than just a drop in competition when it comes to the English Premier League. More importantly, there’s a large drop off in television revenues and marketing that affects a club in a larger way.

The top three teams automatically qualify for the Champions League competition the following season, while the fourth team has to go through an extra qualifying round to be in the tournament. The fourth and fifth-place teams play in the Europa League.

Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City were all knocked out of the first round of the Champions League competition this year.