David Beckham Developing His Own Whiskey

We have talked about David Beckham, theunderwear designer. We have talked about David Beckham, the MLS owner. Now it looks like David Beckham is entering into the world of alcohol.

Diageo is developing a brand of single grain Scotch whiskey called “Haig Club” with David Beckham. The drink has been something that was approved by Beckham (tough job) and according to master distiller Chris Clark, Beckham was “very involved in the process” and that “Beckham weighed in on everything from the type of casks used to how long to age the product.”

The blue bottled alcohol will begin to be sold in the US later this month. The price is unknown but it looks like you are going to have to pay a good amount if you want to drink like the legend himself. At 40% alcohol, Haig Club is described to have a “sweet, creamy, butterscotch flavor.” Sounds like it’s going to taste pretty good.

(Outside Online)

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