EA Announces Women’s Teams for FIFA 16, Sexism Sadly Surfaces

EA Sports revealed that women’s national teams will be in FIFA 16, due to come out this September. A total of 12 teams will be in the game including the United States, Germany, France, Sweden, England, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Spain, China, Italy and Mexico.

Sadly, this has riled up a lot of sexists who feel it’s some sort of sacrilegious to tarnish a video game with women. While many welcomed and loved the news some went fool on crazy (emphasis on fool). Here is a short rundown of these tweets, all responding to EA Sports’ announcement on Twitter and hopefully I don’t make you question if the human species has evolved or not.

I would tweet more but it’s pretty much like the previous tweets. Now that you’re done being disgusted after reading that, you should know that this is a great move by EA. The Women’s World Cup is this year and the women’s game is more popular than ever. This also can open up the game to soccer fans (especially females) who aren’t traditional gamers and hadn’t played the FIFA video game franchise before. I only wish they included all 24 World Cup teams to have a World Cup mode but I’ll take 12.

More features for FIFA 16 will be announced June 15 at E3.

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