FA Cup 4th Round Matchups

Here are the matchups for the 4th round of the 2014-15 FA Cup. There will be 32 teams left. Games will be played on the weekend of January 24 and 25.

Southampton (EPL) vs. Crystal Palace (EPL)
Cambridge United (L2) vs. Manchester United (EPL)
Blackburn Rovers (CH) vs. Swansea City (EPL)
Chelsea (EPL) vs. Millwall (CH)
Derby County (CH) vs. Chesterfield (L1)
Preston North End (L1) vs. Sheffield United (L1)
Birmingham City (CH) vs. West Brom (EPL)
Aston Villa (EPL) vs. AFC Bournemouth (CH)
Cardiff City (CH) vs. Reading (CH)
Liverpool (EPL) vs. Bolton (CH)
Tottenham (EPL) vs. Leicester City (EPL)
Brighton and Hove Albion (CH) vs. Arsenal (EPL)
Rochdale (L1) vs. Stoke City (EPL)
Sunderland (EPL) vs. Fulham (CH)
Bristol City (L1) vs. West Ham United (EPL)
Manchester City (EPL) vs. Middlesbrough (CH)

Breakdown of teams still alive in FA Cup by league

Teams still alive – 32

EPL – 15
Championship – 11
League One – 5
League Two – 1

(Updated as of January 14)

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