FIFA Not Responsible For Qatar’s Workers Conditions According to Blatter

Sepp Blatter is in that zone where you wouldn’t be shocked by anything that he says. Blatter tested that in Sri Lanka by deflecting responsibility for Qatar’s labor situation to individual companies who employ those workers. In a report from The Guardian, Blatter said that, “[companies from European countries] are responsible for their workers and not Fifa.”

Alright let’s piece this together. Sepp Blatter believes that FIFA is not to blame for working conditions in Qatar. FIFA didn’t hire these companies to work on the stadiums themselves so in Blatter’s twisted mind, he feels FIFA is absolved from responsibility. Having said that, he definitely acknowledges that something bad is going on with the working situation and doesn’t put blame on the country who did hire those companies. That kind of negligence could get someone in big trouble but based on history, I wouldn’t hold my breath at that happening.

While the exact numbers for the amount of deaths involving laborers in Qatar are unknown, it’s safely estimated that it will run into the thousands once the FIFA World Cup takes place in 2022. While these deaths are also occurring in construction projects that aren’t related to the World Cup, it’s absolutely wrong to automatically dismiss that FIFA shares no responsibility to the deaths and hardships of the laborers in Qatar. It’s sociopathic and narcissistic for Blatter to go even fur say that workers are enjoying “better” conditions because of the World Cup. When thousands are expected to die in those working conditions, the word “better” is irrelevant.

(The Guardian)

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