FIFA Thinks It’s Tough for Women To Understand Offside Rules

It’s no secret that FIFA isn’t the most “forward thinking” organization in the world. This latest example gets listed under “sexism.” In a recent article of “The FIFA Weekly,” FIFA’s official magazine, Sepp Renggli chronicles Sepp Blatter as he goes back home to his hometown team in Switzerland. The entire article screams of PR spin to try and divert Blatter from being the corrupt and sexist leader of FIFA he’s usually known for but one line may have diverted that intent.

Now I’m not saying that offside rules are easy to understand (just talk to Ted Lasso), but it just looks like a classless cheap shot by insinuating that women can’t possibly understand the offside rule or that it would be tough to explain it to them. FIFA is a big organization and it’s shocking that this even got through to print. I don’t know how many editors work for FIFA but this is either a glaring omission that needs to result in the firing of multiple people or that this is accepted behavior within FIFA that needs to result in the firing of multiple people.

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