Reporter Questions Asamoah Gyan If He Ritually Sacrificed Rapper and Gets Beaten for It.

Okay, so this is one of those stories that happens once in awhile that causes people to stop in their tracks. A Ghanian journalist, Daniel Kenu, was recently severely beaten by the brother of Ghana’s national team captain, Asamoah Gyan, along with a small mob of men.

This needs a little context, I’m guessing. Well, it all started with the disappearance of Ghanian rapper, Castro. Castro, along with his girlfriend Janet Bandu, were on vacation with Gyan after Ghana’s early exit from this summer’s World Cup. It was here that the group rented jet skis at the Aqua Safari Resort in Ada, Ghana. While jet skiing, Bandu fell from the back of the jet ski and Castro jumped into the water in an attempt to save her. The bodies of the two have yet to be found. Months later, while attending a training session ahead of the Africa Cup of Nations qualifier, Gyan was approached by a group of young men, who demanded Gyan to produce Castro’s body. It was here that he was accused of using Castro for a ritual sacrifice. At the following press conference, having heard the accusations against Gyan, Kenu questioned Gyan on the matter, with the pretense of giving him the opportunity to once and for all cease the questioning. Gyan was upset by the question, as one would when accused of using a good friend for ritual sacrifice months after their disappearance. Unfortunately, Gyan took it a step further and needed to be restrained when he tried to confront Kenu.

The drama sadly continued on September 5th, the day before Ghana’s match against Uganda, when Kenu was confronted by Gyan’s brother, Baffour Gyan, and ambushed by a group of thugs. There, they beat Kenu until fellow reporter Stephen Asante was able to restrain the assailants long enough to get Kenu out. It has been reported that they meant to kill Kenu. Asante then transported Kenu to the regional police, who took his statement and sent Kenu to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital for treatment. Baffour Gyan has since been arrested by the Ghanian police.

It’s a sad story for basically everybody involved. Asamoah Gyan lost a friend and had nasty rumors spread about him. Daniel Kenu was beaten savagely for simply asking a question, in poor taste mind you but the statement still stands. Hopefully, this gets solved sooner rather than later and those who are responsible for this reprehensible action are justly punished.

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