Sevilla player urinates during game while sitting on bench

File this one under bizarre. Sevilla defender Fernando Navarro was warming up during his game against Elche last Sunday and got an urgent call from nature that he had to pick up. Navarro couldn’t risk being called on to enter the game or miss any exciting action while he was away relieving himself so he decided to not go back to the locker room and instead did it right on the bench during the game.

At least Navarro had the decency to cover himself up as he did the deed, otherwise that would get a bit awkward. Well… he didn’t exactly cover himself up, his hands were kind of in use so teammate Carlos Bacca had to hold his own jacket up to cover Navarro’s lower half of his body. Talk about teamwork right there. Not only did Bacca help Navarro, he even got a brace earlier in the game as Sevilla won 3-0. If Bacca didn’t win Man of the Match honors during that game, I don’t know what would.

While I’m sure Navarro hasn’t been the first professional athlete to do this kind of thing during their own game, it does answer a question many fans have for professional athletes. Fans usually ask professional athletes how they go to the bathroom during a game. Well we found out how it’s done in soccer.

(FOX Soccer)

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