UEFA Champions League Midway Report: Groups A – D

While there weren’t as many goals as yesterday, we had some excitement in the closing moments of a few of the games.

Matchday three is finished for everyone and we are at the halfway point of the group stage. Everyone has played each other once and has a feel of what they need to do in the final three games if they want to see any more European play.

Now that the final four groups have completed the halfway point, let’s see how they have done and who will move on.

Group A:

In the beginning of Champions League play, Atletico Madrid and Juventus were supposed to coast to the knockout stage. The only real drama was supposed to be who was going to get the group win between Atletico and Juventus. Olympiakos, however, decided to crash the party. Olympiakos beat Juventus 1-0 and with their 3-2 win over Atletico Madrid, they see themselves in the thick of it. Malmo lost to Atletico Madrid 5-0.


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Atletico Madrid is 1st which is not shocking. Like I was saying, Olympiakos has moved into 2nd with the wins against Atletico and Juventus. Ironically, Olympiakos weren’t able to beat Malmo, who is rounding up the rear, albeit are tied with Juventus.

Predicted Finish:

1. Atletico Madrid – 13 points
2. Juventus – 13 points
3. Olympiakos – 6 points
4. Malmo FF – 3 points

The main reason why Olympiakos is doing so well is because they played the two toughest opponents at home. It’s very tough for a visiting team to come play in Greece so they were able to rack up points. The loss against Malmo will be what holds them back. Once Olympiakos goes to Madrid and Turin, they will fall back down to earth and leave things to the two big teams in the group.

This leaves Atletico Madrid and Juventus to deal with the top spot. I have the game going into a draw but either team could grab the win and the top spot. If they do draw, Atletico will most likely get the tiebreaker due to goal differential.


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