VIDEO: Black Cat Runs on Camp Nou Pitch

Today’s game between Barcelona and Elche started a little later than expected as a black cat invaded the pitch in the start of the game and had no signs of leaving.

There has been a history of pitch invasions from four-legged felines before. Two years ago, a cat trotted on the pitch at Anfield during a Liverpool/Tottenham game. It prompted a bunch of parodying twitter accounts calling him “The Anfield Cat.”

This isn’t even the first time a cat interrupted a game at Camp Nou. A few days before The Anfield Cat, a black cat that looked very similar to todays cat invader ran out during a Real Sociedad game.

Three years before The Anfield Cat, a black and white cat ran out during a game against Villareal and that kitty had some wheels on it.

Chances are that this won’t be the last time a local animal makes its way onto the pitch of a soccer game. It’s always a nice little diversion when it occurs.

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