VIDEOS: France scores two beautiful goals against struggling USWNT

The USWNT has been struggling today and it hasn’t looked good. The 2nd ranked team, the US Women’s National Team, went to play against France, the 3rd ranked team in the world and the USWNT didn’t play well against a top team once again.

Ironically, the one position that the USWNT was worried about was just fine. Though she allowed two goals, Ashlyn Harris held her own in goal. The two goals she allowed weren’t really her fault. The first goal was a result of a floating header that was placed perfectly.

Just a couple minutes later, France scored again with the shross.

The USWNT seemed to get it going again once Ali Kreiger and Abby Wambach came on but it was a placebo. Wambach got taken down and was given a PK. It was such a terrible that everyone, even USA supporters thought it was a bad call. One, it was outside the box and two, it was a very generous foul to begin with.

Wambach then took the PK and it was incredibly disappointing. I don’t know if she wasn’t warmed up or tried to keep it simple or what, but the attempt made her look like she was 80 years old and trying to kick a soccer ball for the first time. It was just an incredibly disappointing attempt.

So now the USWNT will go to Milton Keynes on Friday the 13th. England is another contender for the Women’s World Cup and it’ll be a tough test for the USWNT. The USWNT may be trying new things and this wasn’t their “A” team today, but we’re four months away from the Women’s World Cup. It’s time to fine tune the things that have worked and should’ve been found out a couple years ago and go from there. The team shouldn’t be figuring this out now. If that’s the case, it may be a short and embarrassing Women’s World Cup for the US Women’s National Team.

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