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Hello everyone,

It’s been just about a month since the World Cup ended, and we at 32 Flags have been brainstorming as to how to continue with the site. The 2018 FIFA World Cup starts in 1,403 days but that doesn’t mean soccer is over until June 8, 2018. 32 Flags will still be your source of news and analysis on the upcoming World Cup’s as well as other international events like the Women’s World Cup, confederation tournaments, friendlies and World Cup qualifying.

In addition to covering international soccer, 32 Flags is expanding into club soccer. We will be covering the major European leagues as well as UEFA Champions League and Europa League. If something big happens elsewhere around the world, it will also be covered but the main focus will be on soccer in England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France. If you’re looking for MLS news, I highly recommend heading over to our Bloguin brothers at Total-MLS (for which I am a writer for).

I’m really looking forward to the start of the European club soccer season. Expect to see league previews, transfer news, and analysis in the coming weeks and months from our great staff. On the 32 Flags Twitter account, we will be live tweeting the UEFA Champions League Group Stage draw on August 28 and following Transfer Deadline Day on August 31 and talk about done deals around the world. Let’s hope this upcoming club soccer season is just as exciting and dramatic as this years World Cup. Have a good one and enjoy the games.

Phillip Bupp
Managing Editor, 32 Flags

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