Who Will Win the Manchester Derby?

I’ll admit it, I’m horrible at making predictions. I’m usually wrong, like everyone else, so I decided that I’m passing the buck and letting FIFA 15 decide. We put both teams on the field, let it go to computer vs. computer and we see what happens. Let’s see if FIFA is as accurate as it seems to be. We’ll do this for the top matchup every week. This week, we’re doing the Manchester Derby.

Last week, we previewed El Clasico and the results were better than what I could come up with as a human. In the preview, Barcelona won 3-1 and in the real game, Real Madrid won 3-1. Hey, it’s much tougher to get the exact score than the exact winner so I’ll chalk that down as a win.

Now onto this week:

1st Half

The big part of the first half was the injury to Robin van Persie in the 22nd minute. Vincent Kompany took him down from behind and didn’t even get called for a foul. While the ref decision was unrealistic, I’m pretty impressed that FIFA shows van Persie’s broken ankle being bent while he was on the ground. The half ended scoreless with not too much attacking action.

2nd Half

Early on in the second half, Kompany strikes again to injure Angel di Maria. This time, Kompany won the ball so the play was legal but he’s a one-man wrecking crew on Manchester United. In the 64th minute, James Milner takes a clean shot at the goal which gets saved by David de Gea but it deflected off the post and bounced back across the goal. Rojo cleared it from off the line and danger was averted. In the 85th minute, Yaya Toure sidestepped his way into a one-on-one with de Gea and buried it home to take a 1-0 victory for Manchester City.

Main takeaways from the preview

1. It’s going to be a close game.

2. If last week’s preview was any indication, it means Manchester United will actually win 1-0.

3. Don’t mess with Vincent Kompany. He’ll mess you up.

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