Now you get to compare your salary with top soccer players

The BBC have a program where you can compare your salary with some of the best soccer players in the world. You can insert your own country, your yearly salary and choose from a list of 24 players and managers from Lionel Messi to Jose Mourinho to Clint Dempsey. So if you’re curious to find […]

BBC: “Football (Soccer) Seen as ‘Sissyball’ in Deep South”

Whenever I see a video from BBC News that’s titled “Football (soccer) seen as ‘sissyball’ in Deep South,” I knew what I was getting myself into by watching. Let’s just say many people in Baton Rouge weren’t displaying too much “southern hospitality” toward soccer. Pretty much, think of all the stereotypes you have heard from […]

The Show Will Go On, FIFA Expected to Clear Qatar on Corruption Charges

The BBC reports that FIFA is going to clear Qatar of corruption charges based on bidding for the 2022 FIFA World Cup when the FIFA ethics report is published tomorrow morning. Also, the English FA will be in trouble for associating themselves with former FIFA VP, Jack Warner, who resigned due to bribery allegations. After […]