Liverpool vs. Manchester United: Old Rivalry, Mirror Images

The Northwest Derby, the rivalry match between Liverpool and Manchester United, is one of those storied rivalries that transcends coaches, players, and owners. No matter where you are in the table, no matter what you have been playing like, no matter what competition it is in, these two teams always want to beat each other. […]

beIN Sports edited footage

VIDEO: beIN Sports Caught in Manchester United Hit Piece Scandal

beIN Sports has been caught deceptively editing footage from a Manchester United press event. Some of United’s new summer signings attended and were asked to shoot a ball through a blow up target. Morgan Schneiderlin, Memphis Depay, and Bastian Schwensteiger all took turns, with Manchester United legend Bryan Robson looking on. beIN Sports would later […]

FINALLY Done Deal: Angel di Maria to PSG

The title says it all. A move that has been dragging on all summer, that all parties wanted to get done as soon as possible, has finally been completed. Angel di Maria will be a PSG player this season after completing his move from Manchester United for a rumored £44m. There is not much to […]

Angel di Maria Hits Shot Out of the Stadium

Just kind of sums up the whole game for Manchester United, doesn’t it? Angel di Maria lines up a shot that he would have put on target any other day of the week and tamely skies his shot. Skies it so much, in fact, that it goes clear out of the stadium.

Van Gaal’s United vs David Moyes’ United: A Point of Perception

With the defeat to Southampton over the weekend, Louis Van Gaal’s Manchester United find themselves with a strange sense of deja vu. After 21 games, they have the same amount of points as last season under David Moyes. This is a point that has been written about a lot in the last week. This is […]

Why You Should Support Manchester United

This weekend, we at 32 Flags are celebrating one of the most competitive, historic and fiercest rivalries in soccer. We’re talking about the derby between Liverpool and Manchester United. We’ll cover both teams inside and out in preparation for the game on Sunday. In this article, we’re telling you why you should support Manchester United […]

What a Manchester Derby Win Means For Each Team

In the Premier League, three points are worth their weight in gold. That’s not hyperbolic, millions of dollars (or pounds sterling if you want to be like that) are at stake every game. Such is the nature of such a closely contested league. Even midtable teams get more money for placing one league standing higher, […]

The 10 Best Manchester United Players Ever

Manchester United has had so many great players over the years. From their talented squads of the 60’s and 70’s to their all -winning sides of the 90’s and 2000’s. For the upcoming Mancehster derby, we’re looking at a few of these players. As with the Barcelona and Real Madrid lists, we’re not including any […]

English Premier League Preview – Manchester United F.C.

We at 32 Flags are previewing every team in the English Premier League, two teams a day until the beginning of the season. Get ready as we preview your favorite team or maybe we can help you pick a team to root for if you are undecided so far. Today, we’re covering Manchester United. Manchester United F.C. […]

Best and Worst Players of the ICC Final

Wow, what a game of two halves. Originally, this post was going to be written for just the Best 5 and Worst 5 players from both halves, but that game has forced my hand. Below are the Best 5 Players of the 1st Half, Best 5 Players of the 2nd Half, Worst 5 Players of […]

The ICC Final – A Tale of Two Halves

What a difference two well timed goals can make. The first half started very promisingly for both teams. Liverpool’s passing was crisp, while Manchester United looked very structured as a team. Both teams pressed religiously. It was United who made the first good attacking move. Around the 5th minute, United crossed from the right into Hernandez, […]