How are teams going to approach the transfer market this summer?

As the European domestic season starts drawing to a close and the summer months are approaching, it’s only natural that along with the weather, the transfer rumors are heating up as well. With ‘big’ clubs like Chelsea, Manchester City, and Manchester United not only all underachieving this season, but also undergoing managerial changes, or rumors […]

32 Flags rates the legitimacy of transfer rumors 1/28/16 edition

There’s one week left in the January transfer window and teams are finally starting to realize that all those holes that need filling aren’t filling themselves. Therefore teams are finally starting to conduct some business, and with the deadline fast approaching, the rumors are getting hot. Let’s start with Chelsea who are finally starting to […]

32 Flags rates the legitimacy of transfer rumors 1/21/16 edition

The January transfer window has been subject to a lot of debate on 32 Flags recently as so far the big clubs and players have remained pretty quiet. While that may not be changing any time soon, the transfer rumors started to heat back up this week, with many big names re-entering the mix after a down week last […]