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Welcome to 32 Flags, the international soccer and World Cup blog for the Bloguin network. What started as a blog to talk about the 2014 FIFA World Cup has expanded to a discussion about anything and everything in the soccer world.

32 Flags will be your source for news and analysis on everything from the international soccer world. In addition to the upcoming FIFA World Cups, we will be on hand to cover other international events like the Women’s World Cup, confederation tournaments, friendlies and World Cup qualifying.

In addition to covering international soccer, 32 Flags is your source for club soccer. We will be covering the major European leagues as well as UEFA Champions League and Europa League. If something big happens elsewhere around the world, it will also be covered but our main focus will be on European soccer.

The great thing about soccer is that there is always something going on somewhere around the world and 32 Flags will be here to cover that. Have a look around, make yourself at home and enjoy the games with us.

Phillip Bupp
Managing Editor