How To Kill Time Between Football Matches During The World Cup

It only comes around once every four years, but now the World Cup is here you’ll want to drink in every second of the competition. The only problem is that once one match is over, you’ll usually have a bit of a wait on your hands until the next begins. Here are some ideas for […]

A 48 team World Cup was inevitable and we got the best possible format

When reports came out about FIFA looking to expand the World Cup from 32 to 48 teams, I hated it. 32 teams was the perfect format. It actually made World Cup Qualifying interesting and made structuring the knockout stage simple and not watered down. But when money is prioritized over competition, the writing was on […]

FIFA president Infantino hopes for video replay at 2018 World Cup

FIFA president Gianni Infantino visited one of the sites for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. As part of his mission to Russia, Infantino stressed the need to have video replay to help referees make correct decisions and wants to utilize replay for the next World Cup. Amid multiple instances of referees getting what appeared to […]

USMNT exacts important revenge in 4-0 demolition of Guatemala

All the hand-wringing, head scratching and angry tweeting apparently sent a message to the United State men’s national team following its 2-1 loss at Guatemala this past Friday. Either that, or personal embarrassment over becoming the first American team to ever take a loss to the Central American nation. Returning to the site of some […]

Qatar investigates poor construction in Doha after heavy rainstorm

The Associated Press reports that Qatar will investigate the rapid construction of their capital city, Doha, after a rainstorm caused water to go through the roof of Doha Hamad International Airport. An airport that opened in 2014 and cost $15 billion. The government is investigating if other buildings around the city are subject to cheap […]

Report: Germany accused of buying rights to host 2006 World Cup

A report released in German magazine “Der Spiegel” today claims that the hosting rights for the 2006 World Cup were won by Germany because of bribes funded by former adidas CEO Robert Louis-Dreyfus, who died in 2009. The report claims that a 13 million Swiss Franc fund was used to pay for the votes of […]

Russian FA “on edge of going bankrupt” according to new President

Russia has a new President of their FA as Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko was unanimously elected to lead the Russian Football Union (RFU). His term will last for a year whereas an election will be held for a four year term according to Reuters. The RFU has seen some setbacks over the past year as […]

World Cup Qualifying Draw Sets Up Intriguing matchups in CONCACAF, UEFA

The “summer of soccer” has been all about international play, with events like Copa America, the Gold Cup, the U-20 World Cup and of course the Women’s World Cup all dominating the soccer landscape. However, it all means things are inching closer to getting really real for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. On Saturday […]

Chelsea Bans Racist Fans For Life For Paris Train Incident

Chelsea has banned five fans for life for their involvement in pushing a black man off of a stopped train and making racist chants toward him after the PSG/Chelsea UEFA Champions League game in Paris in February. This comes after these five fans, Richard Barklie, Dean Callis, Jordan Munday, Josh Parsons and William Simpson were […]

Hulk Worried About Racism in 2018 World Cup

In a recent interview with the Associated Press, Brazilian striker Hulk discussed some worrying trends he has encountered at Zenit St. Petersburg.  Many who have followed the Russian Premier League will know of the massive racism problem that has plagued that league. While the 2022 World Cup in Qatar might  be getting all of the press, […]