Bastian Schweinsteiger helped depressed referee who attempted suicide

Referees get a lot of verbal abuse from everyone in sports. Players, fans and the media will hammer a referee when they make a bad call and will call them anything and everything under the sun. We’ve all done it and have said “you suck” to a referee who made a bad call that negatively […]

Fourteen goals from two games highlight an exciting Champions League day

If you love high scoring contests, you were in for a treat. Defending was optional in Manchester and Leverkusen as 14 goals were scored between two incredible Champions League games. The first, Atletico Madrid took to Bayer Leverkusen for a 4-2 away win in the first leg. Normally, a tight game like that would be […]

PSG systematically dismantles Barcelona 4-0 in Champions League round of 16

Nobody expected this. Even those who felt PSG were to somehow defeat Barcelona didn’t expect to win like this. PSG defeated Barcelona 4-0 in the opening leg of the Champions League round of 16. PSG didn’t just beat Barcelona, they destroyed them. With just 43% (which is a lot against Barcelona) and a 10-1 advantage in […]

Both Manchester teams are solidly in the top four hunt after winning Sunday

For the second time in less than a week, both Manchester teams faced a very preferable situation. After seeing how the top four finished the day before, both Manchester City and Manchester United knew that they would be able to gain points on multiple top four teams if either win. After Chelsea, Tottenham and Liverpool […]

A 48 team World Cup was inevitable and we got the best possible format

When reports came out about FIFA looking to expand the World Cup from 32 to 48 teams, I hated it. 32 teams was the perfect format. It actually made World Cup Qualifying interesting and made structuring the knockout stage simple and not watered down. But when money is prioritized over competition, the writing was on […]

Soccer manager vaping on sideline captures what the FA Cup is about

As the Premier League gets richer and richer and becomes more of a worldwide league, the FA Cup still has an innocence to it. The tournament which includes anyone from amateur pub teams to the Premier League best, gives us a chance to go back to a time of horrible playing conditions, stadiums with basic […]

Tears for Piers: The Bournemouth edition

Piers Morgan is a very polarizing figure. He’s a very opinionated person and really doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him. To be honest, I can kind of respect him for that. But a lot of times, Piers Morgan can be irritating, especially irritating when he’s talking about his beloved Arsenal Football Club. It’s not […]

Chinese Super League spends big on players, now may do same for referees

China and the Chinese Super League have made no secret that they want to be a world soccer superpower as soon as possible. They have tried to do that by spending outrageous amounts of money on semi-notable Premier League and Brazilian players, as well as making Argentinian Carlos Tevez the highest paid soccer player in […]

Pedro floats in beautiful goal to give Chelsea lead

Chelsea is trying for their 12th straight win today, which would be a feat that only the “Invincibles” of Arsenal have ever seen. Playing Bournemouth, Chelsea is already well on their way to get that 12th in a row to potentially extend their Premier League lead. After this goal, we'd vote for Pedro.

Looking back on the biggest soccer stories of 2016

Over the next couple weeks, the staff of 32 Flags will be counting down some of the top achievements and moments of this calendar year. 2016 has seen many things in the soccer world from the good to the bad and the ordinary to the extraordinary. Today, we are looking back on the biggest stories […]