Is Leicester’s win over Liverpool the turning point?

Last weekend, Leicester overcame the sacking of their Premier League-winning manager, Claudio Ranieri, with a decisive 3-1 win over Liverpool. In the match, they seemed to exorcise many of the demons that have plagued them, scoring their first, second and third goals of 2017. Does this bode well for the Premier League defending champs, and is […]

When do Leicester consider the unthinkable?

Leicester’s 2016/17 season has not gone according to plan. Their defense of the Premier League title has been bumpy at best, and they now sit a single point above the relegation zone. If they do not turn things around immediately they risk dropping out of the Premier League next year. Much of the blame falls […]

Liverpool’s midfield trio is the key to their success

Liverpool have been woeful for the last few weeks. I don’t think that is even a remotely controversial opinion to have. Saturday was different, though. Liverpool’s demolition of Spurs showed that they are still capable of the exciting soccer that we had come to expect. Many have begun attributing this to Liverpool raising their game to […]

Why isn’t there a consistent challenger to Chelsea this year?

Ever since Chelsea went on their incredible winning streak, several teams have challenged them for the top of the table. First, it was Manchester City. After they fell away, it was Arsenal. Next, it was Liverpool. Now, Tottenham seem the most likely candidates. This could ultimately change should Liverpool snag points off of Spurs this […]

Why were Liverpool much better against Chelsea?

Liverpool were undeniably better against Chelsea on Tuesday than they have been in recent weeks. The entire month of January was a slog for them, crashing out of two cups and, arguably, the title race. With that in mind, Liverpool went into their game against Chelsea with three home losses in a row, needing to […]

Could Chelsea winning the Premier League hurt them in the long run?

Okay, let’s get this out of the way quickly. Winning the Premier League is always a good thing. It’s the whole reason the competition is held: to win it. What we are looking at here is the infrastructure of the club and if winning the Premier League this season could have long reach effects that […]

Is Pep Guardiola right in conceding the Premier League for Manchester City?

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has admitted that his team are out of the Premier League title race following their heavy 4-0 loss to Everton over the weekend. This loss leaves them 10 points behind league leaders Chelsea, and outside of the top four. With 17 games left in the season, catching up to Chelsea […]

Five predictions for the rest of 2016/17 Premier League season

This Premier League season has already been a bit crazy. With Chelsea going on a 13-game win streak, teams looking like title favorites, only to fall away, and teams that we expected to challenge for Europe (Leicester and West Ham) fighting to avoid relegation. Only a madman would try to predict how the rest of […]

Five players due to breakout in 2017

With 2016 behind us, we can begin looking ahead at 2017. Who is ready to take the bull by the horns and make this year their year? Who have some big question marks over their heads that need answering? Below, we have selected the five players that are worth keeping tabs on this year. Check back […]

Can Tottenham derail the Chelsea surge?

Chelsea have won 13 games on the bounce, which is incredible on its own. Tied with the Arsenal “Invincibles,” Chelsea can break a record for most consecutive wins in the Premier League era with a win against Tottenham. With Liverpool dropping points against Sunderland and Manchester City dropping points against Liverpool, Chelsea have a sizable lead over […]

Should David Silva’s actions negated Manchester City’s second goal on Arsenal?

Raheem Sterling’s goal in the 71st minute got Manchester City three vital points in a 2-1 win against Arsenal. The legitimacy of this goal has been questioned over and over again this week, and, though it was declared onside during the game as well as in review, the debate still rages on. Check it out below: So, […]

The top ten Premier League transfers of 2016

Over the next couple weeks, the staff of 32 Flags will be counting down some of the top achievements and moments of this calendar year. 2016 has seen many things in the soccer world from the good to the bad and the ordinary to the extraordinary. Today, we are counting down the top transfers of […]

Could Klopp’s greatest asset be his only real weakness?

After Liverpool’s defeat to Bournemouth this weekend, many have taken to making the-sky-is-falling type assessments about Jurgen Klopp’s team. The defense is complete crap (partially true), Simon Mignolet should start over Karius because he’s complete crap (false), or that they got complacent (true). The criticisms have targeted everyone from individual players, as shown above, to […]

Who needs this win more: Chelsea or Manchester City?

The early game this weekend is going to be massive. Not just because it’s two of the biggest teams in the Premier League. Not just because it’ll have two of the most talented managers in the game tactically sparing for 90+ minutes. Not just because we’ll see some of the biggest names in world soccer […]

Is the top four beginning to split from the rest of the league?

After only thirteen games, a large gap is beginning to grow between the top four and the rest of the league. Presently, Arsenal and Tottenham, 4th and 5th respectively, are separated by four points. This gives the top four at the very least a four point cushion, which is surprising. Tottenham have been a pretty […]