WATCH: Venezuela’s Jose Manuel Velazquez scores golazo early against Mexico

In what many saw as an easy game for Mexico to either earn a draw or a victory against the 77th ranked team in the FIFA Standings, really took a turn for the worst for Mexico and their fans.

Early in the match, Andres Guardado committed a foul way outside of the box and it lead to a Venezuela free kick. From the free kick, Alejandro Guerra placed a well-delivered cross that went into the box was headed by Christian Santos and found Jose Manuel Velazquez.

From there, Velazquez — facing the ball — delivered a great strike on the ball in what almost looked like a haphazard scissor kick to beat Mexican goalie Jose de Jesus Corona for the early goal to give Venezuela the 1-0 lead.

Check out Velazquez’s crazy golazo from inside the area:


Will Venezuela hold on and win the group thanks to Jose Manuel Velazquez goal? We shall wait and see.

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