Schalke makes Real Madrid sweat in a Champions League classic!

Talk about irony. In Champions League play today, the game everyone thought would be a close game wound up being a 4-0 Porto blowout of Basel. The game everyone thought was already over before it started resulted in Schalke stunning Real Madrid and came within a goal of eliminating the defending champions. Schalke took it […]

Champions League Round of 16 Recap: Real cruises and Basel/Porto draw

Today was a lot more predictable than yesterday. While both games included some great goals and some great action, neither provided major shocks. Real Madrid got past Schalke 2-0 while Basel and Porto got through on a 1-1 draw after the first leg. Schalke and Real Madrid faced off for the second year in a […]

VIDEO: Cristiano Ronaldo scores to end scoring drought

Before today, Cristiano Ronaldo hadn’t scored in a month, A MONTH! We can all breathe again because Ronaldo has scored today in the Champions League game against Schalke. This is Ronaldo’s 58th Champions League goal in 58 games as a Real Madrid player. This looked very easy for Ronaldo. He nonchalantly got behind the defenders […]