Benteke Will Do Everything He Can to Leave “Legally”

Christian Benteke’s agent, Eric Kismet, will be in hot water this morning after video leaked of him discussing transfers with a prankster. Kismet was called by an Aston Villa season ticket holder who pretended to be a Premier League manager. We won’t say who. What is made very evident from this video, though, is that Benteke wants out of Aston Villa. Kismet even confirms that Benteke will “not sign a new contract”.

This isn’t just bad news for many Aston Villa fans, though. Kismet also states that Benteke is not unhappy at Villa, he merely wants to be playing at a higher level. So mostly bad news.

Some other things to take from this video is that no other teams have approached Aston Villa at this time. Now, we know from reliable reports that Liverpool are interested in Benteke. What we can tell from this video, however, is that they most likely haven’t spoken directly to Benteke’s agent. Why do we think that? Simply because Kismet would recognize the voice of Liverpool’s negotiator, whether that be Ian Ayre or one of the scouts.

Kismet also refused to confirm the existence of the reported buyout clause in Benteke’s contract. When pushed for information on his contract, Kismet simply stated that he couldn’t talk about a contract until one was placed in front of him.

Interesting stuff all around, and with many clubs rumored to be interested, we might see this deal rumble along. In the end, though, Kismet might not see the end of the this deal after such a colossal blunder.

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