David de Gea’s new contract mean Manchester United is forgiven for deadline day

Well I have to admit, I did not see this coming. Manchester United and goalkeeper David de Gea agreed to a new four year contract with the option of an additional year.

This move apparently means that things are now alright with David de Gea and Manchester United. Obviously Manchester United would want to sign up regardless if they liked him or not because they don’t want to see de Gea go on a free to Real Madrid. But now it appears like the team and manager Louis van Gaal look forward to playing de Gea, maybe for the Liverpool game.

On the other side, David de Gea didn’t have to do this. Even if Manchester United backed up the money truck and paid him an outrageous amount of money in wages, de Gea was going to get that next year at Real Madrid. This move of him signing a new contract does nothing for him and all benefits Manchester United because now they’ll ask for more money on a transfer to Real Madrid next summer. And, unless there’s an agreement in place to sell de Gea to Real next summer, this would only complicate things further for a transfer out of Manchester because he could’ve walked right then and there next year. Things are either great between both sides or David de Gea is the consummate professional and nice guy. It also very well could’ve been an ultimatum set by Manchester United to sign the new contract or not receive any playing time for a year so either way, the deal got done.

This move is a stroke of genius from Ed Woodward and Manchester United. We, well a lot of people, hammered Manchester United hard a couple weeks ago for royally messing up the de Gea transfer. Now it seems like being late to the fax machine was the best thing for them. Now there’s no doubt Manchester United can either ask at least double from Real Madrid or keep one of the most talented goalkeepers in the world. I won’t say that this was the plan all along or that this was a particularly good idea because this would be like putting all your money in on a 100-1 shot but however it went down, Manchester United hit the jackpot here.

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