Adidas is letting fans design third kits for their top teams next season

Sometimes when I see a team launch their kits for the upcoming season, I’m left disappointed because a lot of times, you see a fan on social media design something that’s way better than what is actually going to be worn. Now, Adidas is giving people their chance for some of their top teams around the world.

Adidas has announced a contest that will allow people to design the official third kits of Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus, AC Milan and CF Flamengo that players will wear in the 2017-18 club season.

How this contest works is people can submit and post their designs on Adidas’ new “Creator Studio.” The opening round is up for voting from the public and the top 100 designs from each team will then be voted on by a mix of Adidas designers as well as the players themselves to decide on what they feel is the best. Looking through each team, there are already some great designs that would look great although there are some issues. It’s unknown if the winners get some sort of prize but we can only hope they at the very least get a free kit that has their design. I mean, it’s pretty much free labor so it’s the least that could be done.

Maybe if this works, it can be expanded to some other kits. This could be a win-win situation for all involved. Adidas, like other kit makers, are designing something that they think fans will enjoy and is pretty “hit and miss.” With this, fans can feel included if people don’t like the design, Adidas can just blame the fans since they created it. Well, it’s probably still not smart for Adidas to blame the fans but at least fans would have more of a say in what teams wear on the field. And that inclusion, especially for kit design, is beneficial.


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