Oh You Beauty!: Goals of the Week of 1/26/2015

5. Kenny McLean vs Dundee

This goal is very straight forward. There’s a great little through ball, finding Kenny McLean outside the area. McLean then dribbles through 3 Dundee defenders and cracks a shot past the keeper. Straight forward, but beautiful.

4. Tomas Rosicky vs Brighton Hove Albion

I love a good volleyed goal. This one from Tomas Rosicky came in the FA Cup game against Brighton on Sunday. The ball gets flicked into the center from the Arsenal left wing. It is perfectly weighted and falls right in front of Rosicky, who calmly powers it into the net.

3. Damien da Silva vs Rennes

This selection is all about the first touch that brings the ball to da Silva’s feet. It is a lovely chipped through ball. Da Silva then does well to bring the ball down and strikes it into the upper corner of the goal.

2. Paul Pogba vs Chievo

Manchester United fans must be ruing letting go of this talent. Paul Pogba strikes the ball like Steven Gerrard or Frank Lampard did in their prime. Power, poise, and precision. This goal is the perfect example of that. He makes a nice little turn to square up to the net, beats the defender and slams a rocket of the goal. If you look closely, I swear the ball is speeding up as it goes along.

1. Neymar vs Elche

It was going to take a monster of a goal to beat that Pogba goal this week, and, man, is this a monster goal. From the one-two, to the chip, to the volley, everything that lead up to this goal is performance art. Poetry in motion. Three passes, seven touches in total, one goal.

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