PICS: Spanish teams launch broccoli and ham themed kits

Third division Spanish teams really love to honor food. La Hoya Lorca launched a broccoli themed kit and CD Guijuelo launched a ham themed kit. Both kits honor their teams respective region as their region is famous for that respective food.

La Hoya Lorca and their broccoli kit, has been somewhat of a tradition the last few years. They revealed their first broccoli kit in 2013 and according to Footy Headlines, supposedly are nicknamed “Clockwork Broccoli” due to their performances wearing their broccoli kits.

La-Hoya-Lorca-15-16-broccoli-kit (4)

CD Guijuelo launched their ham kit and are joining the tradition of wild designs that also include beer, octopus and tuxedo themed kits that are a big part of the lower Spanish leagues.

cd-guijuelo-reveal-ham-away-kit (2)

Now don’t get me wrong, there is no doubt these kits are absolutely hideous. I however can accept these designs since they have a meaning behind them. These kits are kind of like Sharknado. These kits look so bad, they’re actually great because of that.

(Footy Headlines)

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