Unexploded WWII bomb discovered near Wembley Stadium

Construction workers today discovered a German bomb from World War II that failed to detonate during the Nazi air raids in the early 1940’s. According to Sky News, the bomb was discovered near Wembley Stadium and triggered an evacuation of the surrounding area.

Police and bomb squads have moved the bomb and plan to detonate it elsewhere later today and everything should be back to normal. The official Wembley Stadium Twitter account alerted fans that the Promotion Playoff games that are expected to be played this weekend will be unaffected.

Stories about unexploded bombs from World War II usually come about once in a while. Reading about the millions and millions of tons of bombs that were dropped in World War II, it’s not shocking that all of them didn’t detonate at the time. Either way, it’s scary to think that people were walking around London and Wembley Stadium for the last 75 years and there was an undetonated bomb undiscovered all this time. That, and also knowing that there are probably hundreds or thousands of other places throughout Europe that have similar hidden undetonated bombs waiting to be discovered like this. It’s a reminder, especially on this Memorial Day Weekend, of how the European landscape was affected by World War II all those years ago.

(Sky News)

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