VIDEO: Wayne Rooney Gets Shoved Into LED Advertising Board

It’s something that doesn’t usually have much of an impact on a game but every stadium has some sort of advertising surrounding their field. Most teams now have LED boards where ads change throughout the game. Having worked on those LED boards for a pro soccer team in the past, I can say that those things are incredibly heavy and incredibly sharp. The front of the boards have a hard shell lip over the top of each individual light in order to protect the board. So if a ball hits the board, it doesn’t break all the lights. While that’s good for a ball, it’s pretty easy for a human to cut themselves if they go into the boards. Something like that is exactly what happened to Wayne Rooney in today’s 3-0 win against Hull City.

Rooney got rocked and slammed his back into the board. Thankfully, it looked like he was alright and didn’t get cut but that could’ve been a bad situation for Rooney. It also could’ve been bad for Manchester United, especially when Angel di Maria left the game due to a hamstring injury.

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