VIDEOS: EPL leaders all draw today in Sunday action

In a whole bunch of missed opportunities today, the top four in the EPL table, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United and Southampton all drew today and nobody gained any points on the other. Out of the top 10, only Arsenal won by defeating West Ham and moved into a tie for 4th. Newcastle defeated Everton and moved into 9th. Liverpool and Swansea are the other two teams in the top 10 and still need to play tomorrow.



Let’s get to the main game, 1st place Chelsea and 4th place Southampton drew 1-1. The action started when Southampton’s Sadio Mane took advantage of a rare Chelsea lapse in concentration. Getting one-on-one with Thibaut Courtois, Mane slotted it home to take the lead.

Chelsea then answered with an Eden Hazard goal right at halftime. Fact is that both teams played well enough to earn a point apiece.


Tottenham/Manchester United

If you decided to sleep in and skip the Tottenham/Manchester United game, you missed a great game. It ended in a 0-0 draw but both teams had multiple chances to break the game apart and grab three points.


Manchester City/Burnley

Burnley is having an awesome few days. They lost against Liverpool but they played better than Pool on Friday. Now, Burnley came back from two goals down at the half and draw Manchester City at the Etihad. In a rare opportunity to gain points on Chelsea, Man City squandered that chance away by drawing to a relegation fighter at home. They will live to regret losing those points.

The game was noted for the rocket strike by Fernandinho that bounced from the top of the bar.

It can also be argued that Manchester City had a legitimate reason to complain because Burnley’s first goal from George Boyd was a clear blown offside call. Either way, it put Burnley within a goal. Ashley Barnes got the equalizer towards the end of the game and Burnley held on.


West Ham/Arsenal

Finally, a top team won today. 6th place Arsenal defeated 5th place West Ham 2-1 that caused the two teams to trade spots. Arsenal is now tied with Southampton for 4th. Just like with Manchester City deserving a win due to a blown offside call, West Ham deserved a goal and probably at least a draw due to a blown offside call. This time, the offside call was given and Alex Song’s goal was disallowed. West Ham manager Sam Allardyce is going to be a little light in the wallet with his latest comments.

All in all, this was a rather shocking day in the EPL and it’s a great way to end the calendar year. There is one more game this year with Liverpool and Swansea on Monday and if today is any indication, expect the unexpected.

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