Vincent Tan Sabotages Mackay’s Crystal Palace Job

If it was any other person, you probably wouldn’t believe this story but various reports are out saying Cardiff City owner, Vincent Tan, sent a dossier to Crystal Palace and the English FA filled with information as to why Malky Mackay was fired at Cardiff City last season. According to the Mirror, the dossier contained information involving agents and lawyers being involved with commission money with Mackay and contains examples of racist, sexist and homophobic emails and texts from Mackay. As a result, Mackay went from the favorite to take over at Crystal Palace to now an afterthought as Tim Sherwood is now the favorite to get the job.

Vincent Tan leaves a sour taste in every soccer fans mouth. His unprofessional handling of firing Mackay last year led to Mackay suing Tan for compensation but settled. Now, when we thought this was over, Tan rears his ugly face again.

We have seen the various ways Vincent Tan has disgraced the “beautiful game.” From changing the teams colors to openly insulting supporters and even only wanting to sign players who have an “8” in their birthdate, I’m not alone when I say that I just want Vincent Tan to go away. He is an embarrassment to himself and Cardiff City.

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