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APPLIANCE SERVICE Same-day professional and quick services of brands and all models of common appliances. Home and Business service. On Your Schedule facility. Free Service Call With Appliance Repair in Burnaby. We have fair pricing upfront before any repairs. No hidden costs on your final bill, or surprises. Performance All our Technicians are accredited and qualified to meet and exceed your high expectations. If the technician gives the wrong diagnosis, we’ll make a full refund

All of our components are certified OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and thus fully covered by the warranty. We also offer alternative solutions for obsolete parts and are able to fix motherboards with lots of positive customer reviews in our workshop Best Customer Service Member of Eco Group Working. Complete trust order service from us and we will keep our price competitive!

Kitchen Appliances Repair Services:

Home-cooked food is a great blessing and cooking appliances satisfy your wish. It can be a nightmare to see your kitchen appliances out of order. In this situation, you will call the Appliance Repair Expert to provide your kitchen appliances with the fastest and most efficient maintenance and repair service. Since 2017 we have been successfully providing our programs across Canada. We have become the leading company in home appliances thanks to our professional and trained team of technicians.

Reparation and Facilities for Laundry Appliances: 

If you have a laundry room with all the necessary appliances then you will enjoy one of the greatest comforts in life. Washing devices improve the ability to function at a laundry. Since 2017, the Appliance Repair Expert has worked to help laundry owners at home or on a commercial level. Our top-certified staff ensures the best repair facilities are provided to our customers. We also guide people in their laundry so that you can enjoy the perfect working conditions of your laundry appliances for the best work of your appliances.

Home Appliance Repairs & Services:

We are aware that the failure of appliances will ruin your day. At any time of the week, our trained technicians are ready to answer your call. We’re available to help you every day and to solve your problem. Home appliances have an important part to play in our busy routines. In this fast-paced world, these apparatuses prove to be a blessing. Including washing the dishes, storing the ice in a refrigerator, washing the sheets, drying them in a dryer, cooking the food on the stove and ovens, freezing the food, life has become much simpler because of home appliances. These devices will cause you a lot of trouble once they stop working properly and remain there.

Reasons for choosing Appliance Repair Expert:

We have a trained team that is dedicated to giving you the best repair services.

Responsible, professional and polite staff.

The services are available at reasonable prices.

Adjustable rendezvous according to your convenience.

Attractive deals for the week.

Services we provide Repair and maintenance of kitchen appliances.

Repair and repair of washing apparatuses.

Repair of residential and commercial appliances.

Repairing gas and electric appliances.

We realize that home appliances will stop working at any time and you can not fix that alone. That’s why we are offering our services throughout the week, we’re always open on weekends and holidays. We guarantee the best quality service.