WATCH: Alexis Sanchez scores golazo off volley for Chile

Alexis Sanchez was scrutinized heavily for not scoring a goal yet in Copa America Centenario play, as he was one of Chile’s best during the last Copa America held in Chile when he scored a goal in the competition. The pressure was on him to score a goal and help lead his team to victory in a crucial game against Panama.

Already up 2-1, Chile was looking for an insurance goal and who else but Alexis Sanchez to score a rocket of a golazo from a volley?

Eduardo Vargas made a nice run into the right side of the box and fed Sanchez who just drilled it into the back of the net for one of the many candidates for goal of the tournament in this Copa America.

Check out this laser from Sanchez:

I’ve said it before this Copa America and I’ll say it again — Golazo!

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