Neymar Suspended Rest of Copa América Tournament

Brazil’s star striker, Neymar, will be suspended for the remainder of the Copa América tournament and will be fined $10,000 after he received a red card in the game against Colombia.

Neymar was exiting the field after losing 1-0 to Colombia and was exchanging words with Colombia’s Jeison Murillo and Neymar appeared to head-butt Murillo. A scrap broke out between both squads and because of his actions, the CONMEBOL (the governing body of South American football) decided to suspend him for four games, effectively ending his participation in the Copa América.

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“The rules are always used against me,” the 23-year-old said after the match. “Put a weak referee in to official and this happens. Nothing made me crazy. I just get angry with referees who don’t whistle right.”

Neymar’s actions throughout the game have been scrutinized as the press, as well as former Brazil players, have spoken out about the young Brazilian’s bad attitude.

At one point Neymar mocked Camilo Zuñiga, after he caught Neymar in the lip with his elbow, making a phone gesture with his hands saying “Bet you’ll call me to say sorry. Son of a b***h.” This was in reference to Zuñiga injuring and later apologizing to Neymar during the 2014 World Cup, that left Neymar with an injured back and out of that tournament as well.

As if this wasn’t enough, Neymar also waited in the tunnel for the referee to enter and unleashed a barrage of insults his way. “You want to make yourself famous at my expense, you son of a b***h,” said Neymar, as per the officials’ report.

After all these allegations against the Brazilian, the CONMEBOL had no choice but to suspend Neymar. “Based on what the report says, it was premeditated, waiting for the referee in the tunnel and insulting him,” said Aberto Lozada, who is part of the CONMEBOL’s disciplinary committee. He also added that, “His punishment could have been harsher. He got off lightly.”

With Brazil struggling to find their form, losing to Colombia and just escaping with a win against Peru, they really needed Neymar to step up and the team relies on the young playmaker to create the chances for Brazil. With him gone, they face Venezuela, who beat Colombia, and face a very tough match up as they know that if they don’t manage a good result against La Vinotino, they face an early exit from the Copa América.

Brazil has the right to appeal, but so far they haven’t done so.

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