during the Barclays Premier League match between Manchester United and Manchester City at Old Trafford on October 25, 2015 in Manchester, England.

2015-16 Barclays Premier League Week 10 Betting Guide

It’s been a few weeks so let me start off by apologizing to all those that love money for my absence. But that’s in the past and in the present we have a great weekend of Premier League action ahead of us with plenty of money to be won so let’s go win it.

Chelsea (Even)

Liverpool (+260)

Draw (+250)

It seems like every week the bookies are looking at the names in Chelsea’s squad and making the lines based off that instead of their current form. Though you can argue that they are finally starting to come to their senses and brining them down to even money. Still, what have you seen from Chelsea this season that makes you think for even a second that they’ll win this game, especially with the way they’ve defended? Absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen anything from Liverpool that says they’ll get it done either. What I have seen is draw after draw after draw since Jurgen Klopp took over, which is why you should be pounding that draw (+250). 


Watford (+147) 

West Ham (+185)

Draw (+230)

I get it that Watford looked good in a 2-0 win over Stoke last week, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s mind boggling that West Ham are the underdogs in this game. West Ham have played four away games this season and they’ve won all four. Those games were against Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Crystal Palace. Last week they won at home against Chelsea. Watford has scored just eight goals all season. What am I missing here? I don’t think I’m missing anything. I’ll take that (+185) please and thank you.


West Brom (+180)

Leicester City (+150) 

Draw (+130)

This could be the toughest match of the round to pick. I know you’re all ready to jump on Leicester. After all, Rhiyad Mahrez is the real deal and Jamie Vardy just keeps scoring goals. But West Brom have very quietly (because who has been watching West Brom matches?) been really putting it together the past few weeks. I still think Leicester are the better team, but you really couldn’t go wrong with any of these lines. I think ‘both teams to score’ (-130) is free money, but that doesn’t scream value. At the end of the day, I’ll be playing the hot hand and grabbing Leicester City and that (+150).

Other Lines

Manchester United (Even) is actually some fantastic value for a team that’s been really good away this year and taking on a Palace side that has been brutal at home. Even better is the Manchester United second half line of (+130) considering that van Gaal’s side has had a penchant for doing nothing in the first half and turning it on after half time. Finally I’m looking at Anthony Martial to get back to his scoring ways, I’m thinking either he (+600) or Juan Mata (+185) score first if you fancy that kind of action.

I don’t have a lot of faith in Stoke going out there and getting a win in any particular week, but I do have a lot of faith in Newcastle going out there and losing in a particular week. That makes Stoke (+190) very intriguing. I don’t think Aston Villa will win this week, but they just fired their manager and who knows if they’ll put out one of those ‘our manager is gone so now we’ll win a game that we have no business winning’ games against Tottenham this weekend. Like I said I don’t think they will, but at (+700) does it hurt to throw a little bit out there?

That’s all I got for you this week. Enjoy the games!

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