Derby County hoping for a “Candy Crush” savior?

First things first, STOP SENDING ME YOUR CANDY CRUSH INVITES! If I haven’t played the game by 2015 I’m not going to. That said, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the game revolutionized what social and mobile gaming could truly be.

It also made the man behind it, Mel Morris, a very famous and very rich man. Just how rich?

According to a report from Pro Soccer Talk, it’s made him rich enough that he is moving from part owner (22 percent) to the sole owner and chairman of Derby County.

Yes, the guy who made you sit on your phone for hours trying to level up is spending all that cash from “Candy Crush” on a professional football team in England’s championship.

Morris just so happens to also be a lifelong Derby Country supporter and apparently has high ambitions for one of the more successful clubs in English history (just not since the advent of the EPL).

“Whilst I firmly believe that the club’s ownership is very much a tertiary concern to most fans, I hope together we can help steer this club back into a sustainable place in the Premier League,” said Morris of his move to buy the club for his own.

“We have many of the key components in place, but I am conscious that we must all commit our total support in pursuit of this goal, which I know is shared by all of us, as fans of this great football club.”

Derby County heading up to the EPL will be an ambitious enough task in the 2015-16 season, as the Rams are currently in 19th place in the 24-team Championship division. The side has just four points off five games and sit six points out of the final playoff position, currently held by Middlesbrough.

However, with an estimated worth of somewhere in the neighborhood of $600 million, Morris can more than afford to do what is needed for this group to be a success — and a quick one at that.

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