Arsenal Fans Fail in Protest Over Lack of Transfer Moves

Arsenal supporters aren’t happy with the club these days, and as transfer deadline day came and went without the Gooners making a single move plenty were vocal about just how upset they were. There were calls for a protest, even the big statement of unfollowing the club on social media.

There’s just one big problem — none of it came to a hill of beans in the end.

Shocking, right? Considering this fanbase has done a lot of talking and taken very little in the way of action to get its message across in the years past.

It apparently all started with this Tweet:

But from the word go, it was clear this could be a vocal and venting minority of fans on social media.


Would anyone really step out to publicly and loudly protest at a club that is very likely a Champions League lock and in the hunt for major trophies once again this season?

At seven-o’clock London time we got a resounding and epic FAIL from a fanbase who talked so aggrieved by its club on social media just hours ahead of time.

There’s plenty of reason for the supporters to be ticked off though, as we all know Arsenal became the only top club in the entire of Europe to not buy an outfield player during the summer transfer window.

Once again, the club appeared to want to go on the cheap, even inquiring to PSG star Edinson Cavani’s availability only to scawf at an apparent £50 million transfer fee. Yes, Cavani is 28 years old and that is a decent amount of cash for a player his age.

The reality is Arsenal now must live with a shaky strike force of Olivier Giroud, Theo Walcott and Danny Welbeck to score them the majority of the goals. It’s a major problem when you consider Welbeck hasn’t recovered from a knee injury suffered in late April and Arsenal just announced that Welbeck is to undergo a new surgery on that knee.

It appears that an increase in activity in training didn’t do his knee any good and he must now undergo surgery that will keep him out for an extended period of time once again.

“Danny is now expected to be out for a period of months and everyone at Arsenal wishes him well,” per Arsenal’s statement.

It’s understandable for the supporters to be aggrieved by the lack of movement on Transfer Deadline Day, especially because they had to know this was a major possibility.

Considering all aspects, the lack of foresight on the clubs part is troubling. Yet, the supporters seem to be rather ambivalent to it all. Either that or they’ve become so beat down by this repeated pattern that it has just turned in to apathy at this point in time.

Either way, the lack of supporters real outcry against this club is shocking…if it weren’t so darn funny.

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