HIGHBURY, LONDON – MAY 15: Former Daily Mirror Editor, Piers Morgan with his family during the FA Barclaycard Premiership match between Arsenal and Leicester City at Highbury on May 15, 2004 in London. Morgan, was forced to resign from the paper on May 14, after it was proven that a set of photos he had published, purporting to show British troops abusing Iraqi prisoners were in fact fake. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

Tears for Piers: The Manchester United Edition

When Robin van Persie left Arsenal to sign with Manchester United, well known and very outspoken Arsenal fan and occasional CNN reporter Piers Morgan was not happy. As he’s known to do, Morgan immediately took to twitter to go into a full blown meltdown about how he thought van Persie was different and selling him to their rival was just another betrayal by Arsenal to their fans.

To make matters worse, some players on Manchester United decided to throw gas onto the fire and taunt Piers themselves, leading to Rio Ferdinand creating the term #TearsforPiers.

Tears for Piers has now taken on a life of it’s own over the past four years. Whenever Arsenal are losing you can expect the hashtag to pop up as fans of rival clubs love to troll the overly emotional and instant gratification demanding reporter. Seriously, he’s insufferable. One minute he’s singing the praises of Arsene Wenger and the next he’s demanding his head on a platter. He doesn’t seem to realize or appreciate how lucky he is to support a club that’s had just one manager for almost 20 years now. If you’re a fan of one of Arsenal’s rivals, the Piers Morgan meltdown is the icing on the cake whenever Arsenal drop points.

This week Arsenal arrived at Old Trafford, a ground where they haven’t won in the Premier League in eight years, to take on what was a glorified Manchester United U21 squad thanks to injuries. It was easily Arsenal’s best chance at ending their winless run at Old Trafford, but they forgot to account for Manchester United’s newest hero, 18 year old Marcus Rashford, who now has four goals in his two United starts.

Losing with your first team to a bunch of kids certainly isn’t something that would sit well with even the most mild tempered fans, certainly not someone like Piers Morgan. Without further ado, presented in chronoligical order here are the #tearsforPiers, the Manchester United edition.

Morgan started the day upbeat, laying out the stakes. It was early, but things were looking good, especially as United’s makeshift defense was looking as shaky as can be.

Within 20 minutes things were looking up for Arsenal as their main rival, and fellow title contender Tottenham fell behind to Swansea. Tottenham were losing and Manchester United barely looked threatening, what could possibly go wrong for Arsenal?

A Marcus Rashford goal to put Arsenal behind. That was only the beginning.

Here comes the sarcasm, followed briefly by some hope.

Shortly after the second half kicked off Rio Ferdinand decided this game was to be put away. Piers, allowing himself the brief glimmer of hope thought otherwise. But that would only last so long.

Again with glimmer of hope, how could this possibly turn sour for him?



This might be one of my favorite Piers Morgan melt down of all time simply for all those brief moments of hope he allowed himself to have after the Welbeck and Ozil goals only for him to completely melt down and go on another “this is all Arsene Wenger’s fault” tirade. Unfortunately for Piers, not every club can be blessed with having the second coming of Wayne Rooney along with a U21 side capable of going up against the best of the Premier League.

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