Watch: Arsenal slice through Manchester City defense like a knife through warm butter

It’s safe to say Manchester City fans are frustrated once again. Sunday’s match with Arsenal had a lot on the line for both teams. Arsenal needed a win to keep any sort of a title race with Chelsea on life support, while City desperately need a win to stay in the top four.

Things haven’t been great recently at the Ethiad. Their defense is not only in shambles but it doesn’t seem like manager Pep Guardiola even wants to address the issue. Making matters worse, Guardiola recently admitted that stopping shots wasn’t his priority when looking at a goalkeeper, but what was important was the goalkeepers ability to pass and ‘start the attack.’

That’s not exactly music to City fans ears, and it didn’t take long for Arsenal to quickly exploit a shorthanded City’s massive flaws. Just under five minutes into the match the Gunners decided to attack City right from the middle, sliding simples passes right through the heart of City’s defense until Theo Walcott provided the simple finish.

At this point, you have to wonder if using actual mannequins as center backs would actually be an upgrade for City.

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