Major FIFA Sponsors Calling for Immediate Removal of Sepp Blatter

Cash rules, especially when you’re entire organization is bankrolled by sponsorship money and television rights fees. That is totally the case for FIFA, and when a sponsor wants something done it better at least listen.

In the case of long-time partner, Coca-Cola, FIFA would be wise to heed their warning. That’s because according to reports, Coca-Cola has announced they are calling for the immediate removal of embattled FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

Blatter, who won re-election to a 5th term as FIFA president just days after a major criminal investigation and chargers were unearthed by the United States attorney general, has previously said he would step down in February at a special FIFA congress.

So, why is Coke demanding Blatter step down immediately? It could well have something to do with the fact that Blatter is under criminal investigation in Switzerland relating to money schemes and other illegal activity surrounding the host nations for the last few and upcoming FIFA World Cups.

Interestingly enough, Coke was the only major sponsor to date to call for the immediate ouster of Blatter.

Companies like McDonald’s, Adidas, Budweiser, Visa and others are partnered with FIFA for the 2018 World Cup in Russia and have a giant financial stake in their reputations not being sullied any further.

McDonald’s wasted little time in joining in with their FIFA partners at Coca-Cola in calling for Blatter to go. Just under an hour after Coca-Cola made its announcement, McDonald’s did the same thing.

Allowing Blatter, who is in serious criminal trouble already, to continue on isn’t just unwise on an organizational level, it is something that these major companies don’t want to be associated with.

Only time will tell if this will become a true tidal wave for all the sponsors or not, but when a global brand like Coca-Cola calls for something, people generally stand up and take notice.

As soccer fans and pundits, we can only hope Coca-Cola’s words are heeded wisely. It sure seems as if the big money momentum is behind Blatter’s ouster.

Will the stubborn old man listen and do the right thing in this case? His track record suggests he’s not going out without a fight, that’s for sure.

Stay tuned for some fireworks.

UPDATE: Sepp Blatter’s lawyer responds to calls to resign.

UPDATE: Budweiser and Visa have now joined Coca-Cola and McDonalds

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